first_imgThe DRAW has taken place for the 2018 Greyhound Derby sponsored by Star Sports which kicks off at Towcester on Thursday with the first heats.Don’t forget to check out latest outright market and specials at starsports.betTHURSDAY 3 MAY(Heats 1-9)Heat 1 (FOUR qualify)1 Falcon Bay2 Ninja Fortune3 Image Coches4 Foxwood Boom5 Searchforahero (m)6 King Eden (w)Heat 2 (FOUR qualify)1 Black Eyed Hula2 Droopys Expert3 Castlehill Wally4 Droopys Giorgio5 Nadurra Ross (m)6 Night Bomber (w)Heat 3 (FOUR qualify)1 Holdem Pepe2 Lenson Blinder3 Poolie Shauna4 Bit View Knight5 Bubbly Turbo (m)6 Roxholme Ray (w)Heat 4 (FOUR qualify)1 Hazelwood Terry2 King Elvis3 Borna Gin4 Cooneen Jack5 Clash (m)6 Mayas Little Bro (w)Heat 5 (FOUR qualify)1 Forest West2 Slippy Cian3 Milltown Magic4 Borna Account5 Jelly Flood (m)6 Calico Ranger (w)Heat 6 (FOUR qualify)1 Old Fort Comet2 Honest Robber3 Brave Venture4 Lotties Rocket5 Greenwell Jean (m)6 Whoops Jack (w)Heat 7 (FOUR qualify)1 Calico Brandy2 Power Local3 Droopys Dresden4 Old Fort Brandy5 The Other Ben (m)6 Trade Fudge (w)Heat 8 (FOUR qualify)1 Farloe Falcon2 Rising Brandy3 Cloncunny Major4 Dorotas Wildcat5 Dropzone (m)6 Newinn Shadow (w)Heat 9 (three qualify)1 Spot The Light2 Huarache Madison3 Cuba4 Crossfield Will5 Black Zack (m)6 No Intention (w)FRIDAY 4 MAY(Heats 10-18)Heat 10 (FOUR qualify)1 Serenity Spice2 Ballymac Reds3 Westway O Neill4 Ratchies Defoe5 Droopys Verve (m)6 King Kid (w)Heat 11 (FOUR qualify)1 Welloiledmachine2 Sensual3 Tonbrie Magic4 Droopys Wilbury5 Hometown Hero (m)6 Jaytee Jaguar (w)Heat 12 (FOUR qualify)1 Distant Rain2 Lowgate Belatrix3 Bruisers Bullet4 Oi Oi Upenalty (m)5 Saleen Ash (w)6 Clonbrien Hero (w)Heat 13 (FOUR qualify)1 Droopys Chill2 Swithins Brae3 Lets Be Ready4 Bull Run Bandit (m)5 Typical Ash (w)6 Razldazl Raidio (w)Heat 14 (FOUR qualify)1 Beechview Hero2 Hey Bound3 Karlow Scolar4 Moorstown Duke (m)5 Boylesports Duke (w)6 God Of War (w)Heat 15 (three qualify)1 Honour Turbo2 Lenson Wilson3 Putumundur4 Connors Blake (m)5 Itsur Mate (w)6 Hatmore Black (w)Heat 16 (FOUR qualify)1 Jaytee Taylor2 Shaneboy Freddie3 Roxholme Bentley4 Sporting Dave (m)5 Headford Octane (w)6 Burgess Lord (w)Heat 17 (three qualify)1 Seaglass Sandman2 Deanridge Boffin3 Carn Brea4 Ballydoyle Maura (m)5 vacant6 Droopys Nirvana (w)Heat 18 (three qualify)1 Cragbrien Ranger2 Bockos Alfie3 Farloe Hutch4 vacant5 Alfies Prince (m)6 Brinkleys Blaze (w)SATURDAY 5 MAY(Heats 19-26)Heat 19 (FOUR qualify)1 Image Carranna2 Danzey Exception3 Da Head Hunter4 Droopys Biker (m)5 Raging Water (m)6 Droopys Bonucci (w)Heat 20 (three qualify)1 Bubbly Roger2 Bombers Bullet3 Knockard Spring4 Lightfoot Kante (m)5 Crossfield Giles (m)6 Rio Coco (w)Heat 21 (three qualify)1 Tyrur Harold2 Barefoot Painter3 Lightfoot Caesar4 Salacres Vincent (m)5 vacant6 Colston Magic (w)Heat 22 (FOUR qualify)1 Magical Bale2 Burgess Brandy3 Bubbly Big Eddie4 Blue Conte (m)5 In The Loop (m)6 Innocent Times (w)Heat 23 (FOUR qualify)1 Bubbly Bluebird2 Wildfire Legend3 Bull Run Button4 Tyrur Shay (m)5 Far Bank Frank (m)6 Dorotas Vic (w)Heat 24 (three qualify)1 Truth Matters2 Onlyattheroyal3 Drive On Tipp4 Ashbank Christie (m)5 vacant6 Droopys Davy (w)Heat 25 (FOUR qualify)1 Honour Rocket2 Noelles Phelpso3 Black Farren4 Kilara Pharaoh (m)5 The Other Reg (m)6 Greenwell Jet (w)Heat 26 (three qualify)1 Droopys Alex2 Rough Star3 Legal Ace4 Blastoff Scolari (m)5 Droopys Martial (m)6 Murrys Act (w)last_img