first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Expedition cruising is more than just a water-excursion, Silversea Expeditions director Conrad Combrink told e-Travel Blackboard, describing the growing fad as a way of making “people’s dreams come true”.The new educational and adventurous travel has attracted up to 80 percent new business for the luxury cruising group and according to the company’s expedition cruises director, some clientele are willing to save for years to embark on the exotic experience.“The expedition side of the company has been growing consistently since the beginning,” Mr Combrink told e-Travel Blackboard.Australia is the company’s second largest market in the Asia Pacific and according to the director, the company has successfully filled every single birth to the Antarctica as well as its recently launched exhibition in West Africa. “It is not necessarily just Antarctica and the Arctic that is growing because the fact is we only operate in Antarctica in November to February,” he said.“People are becoming more aware that expedition cruising offers unique destinations all over the world.The key feature attracting customers to the Silversea exhibition experience, according to Mr Combrink is the educational aspect of an expedition cruise, with the promise of Silversea luxury.“It’s a different approach and it’s a very satisfying and rewarding experience to be on an expedition cruise,” he explained.“Expedition destinations are not necessarily new to cruising, most of the places that we go to have been cruised before but it’s how we deliver these destinations that sets Silversea apart from others.”The cruise company has handpicked destination specialists to work with the company, transforming the experience from entertaining to educational, hired 121 crew to cater to 130 guests, included a butler service, wine service, hotel staff and complimentary shore excursions.Mr Combrink added that the company has also added a free-style sailing approach which is also working to divert customers to the travel group.No two embarkations are identical with Silversea organising flexible itineraries allowing the on board vibe to drive the direction of the trip.“The itineraries are unstructured, we know where we are going to be on embarkation and we are 99 percent sure where it is going to end,” Mr Combrink laughed.Despite increasing success, the company’s expedition director said there are no current plans to expand the company’s fleet and remained tight lipped on new destinations expected to be unveiled in September this year.“We are not going to release any specifics until we do the release in September… the one thing I can say is that our itineraries will always be fresh, the core product will stay, it will always be new and exciting,” he said.  However, to learn more on Silversea’s expeditions, destinations and on board hotel service travellers can follow ships on the company’s online daily Voyage Journals.“The reports section is where people can follow the expeditions and get a feel of what we’ve done,” Mr Combrink added.“People ask what trips are going to be like and it is very difficult to describe and so the journals are there to give people an idea.”last_img