first_imgRemember when Sony released the PS3 for $600 and everyone scoffed? Well, they’re doing better this time with a $400 launch price for the PlayStation 4, but if that’s still too expensive, Sony has started selling another product in the US and Canada that you might be interested in. The once unicorn-like $199 PlayStation 3 is real and you can buy one now. The flash-based PS3 launched in Europe and Japan a while back, but now it’s finally in North America.Unlike the previous slim PS3, this one has only 12GB of storage, but it’s NAND flash. That should make for fast loading times and lower power usage. But only 12GB? That’s probably not going to be enough as you devour the soon-to-be-discounted PS3 back catalog. Well, you can expand the storage in this model through USB devices like an external hard drive or thumb drive. The console was slightly redesigned with a top-mounted Blu-ray drive and textured surface.Sony’s own website shows the new cheaper PS3 as out of stock, but Best Buy is offering it as part of a bundle with Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us for $259.98, which is about $40 off. Amazon and other online retailers are offering the standalone 12GB system, though. The “Legacy Bundle” is another way to get your new even slimmer PS3, but it comes with a 500GB hard drive and a copy of Gran Turismo 5 for $100 more.The PS3 is still a perfectly serviceable console, and it’s now cheaper than most tablets on the market. It’s almost an impulse buy for some.last_img