first_img Finally, a multinational electronics company that really gets me.Panasonic this month introduced a shoe deodorizer—the creatively named MS-DS100—with “nanoe X” technology that promises to remove “unpleasant shoe odors.”As described by the Japanese firm, nano-sized ions containing hydroxyl (OH) radicals penetrate and dissolve odor-causing substances, leaving the interior fabric unscented.AdChoices广告Originally designed to improve air quality, Panasonic’s next-gen nanoe tech features “10 times more” of the highly reactive OH component; the machine’s six outlets spread particles to every corner of the shoe for “long-lasting deodorizing effect.”As someone whose naturally sweaty hooves regularly leave footwear reeking (sorry boys, I’m off the market!), this product actually excites me.Panasonic’s MS-DS100 shoe deodorizer works from heel to toe (via Panasonic)Unfortunately, it is launching next month exclusively in Japan; there is no word on a worldwide rollout. But, for the sake of anyone in my vicinity at the end of a hot summer’s day, keep your fingers crossed for international sales. And soon.According to Panasonic, one of the leading causes of unpleasant shoe odors is isovaleric acid, a noxious substance produced by foot sweat and bacteria. And while a majority of people (based on a company survey) take measures to remove shoe stink, many are not satisfied with the current methods.MS-DS100 could change that, though: Simply stick the device into a pair of your most fetid sneakers and choose between two operation modes—normal (five hours of application) or long (seven hours).Both cost less than 1 yen (mere pennies) per use, Panasonic said. Plus, it works with a mobile battery, so you can deodorize on the go. (Handy for the office or in a taxi on your way to a fancy-schmancy aromatic event.)There is even a storage case for stylish space-saving.“With the MS-DS100 shoe deodorizer, Panasonic proposes an easy way to remove shoe odors and expects to create new market demand,” a company news release said.Sneaker tech is a fascinating section of the shoe industry, with shoes being printed in 4D and smart shoes replacing wearables altogether. Stay current on all the latest high tech shoe trends here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Adam Devine Faces Evil Siri-Like Assistant in ‘Jexi’ Movie TrailerBosch Brings Smart Tech to Strollers last_img