first_imgThough the Nintendo PlayStation can play CDs, running CD-Roms isn’t as straight forward. Since the machine never made it past the prototype stage, there weren’t any games actually made for it. This isn’t to say that companies weren’t developing titles for the console. However, like the device itself, these games were never completed.When the Nintendo PlayStation’s specs were released last year, a number of homebrew game developers created games that could run on the system. Heckendorn tried out some of these on the system. Though they didn’t exactly run correctly, they still ran.Heckendorn sent video of a homebrew game called Magic Floor to its developer. The dev saw what needed to be fixed and sent a modified version to Heckendorn. This time, Magic Floor ran flawlessly. Now that the system’s hardware has been restored, modders have a better chance of making games that run perfectly.It’s highly unlikely that any major publishers will start making games for this prototype device. However, since the Nintendo PlayStation is now running perfectly, it’s possible some modders could make their own version of the system. Or at the very least, just create games for this once long-lost console. Either way, we should thank Ben Heckerson for restoring a piece of video game history.Featured image from Engadget. Nintendo and Sony have been rivals in the video game industry for over two decades. This wasn’t always the case, however. In the early 90’s, the two were working on a Super Nintendo that could play CD-Rom games. This deal never came to fruition, leading Sony to go off and create the PlayStation. The “Nintendo PlayStation” was all but a myth until 2015, when a prototype device was discovered.This system was able to play Super Nintendo games via the cartridge slot. Unfortunately, it could not run any CD-Roms. Modder Ben Heckendorn recently released a video where he demonstrates how he got the system to play CD-Roms. He was able to do this by replacing capacitors and making other modifications. Even he was surprised when he finally got it working.last_img