first_img GEEK PICK OF THE DAY: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Round Logo MatJoel Hodgson Talks MST3K Live, Eegah! and Returning to Riffs Between the upcoming in of Netflix original Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return and premiere of Doctor Who season 10, the time is right for a mashup.This August, RiffTrax Live meets “The Five Doctors” in a big-screen riffing of the 20th-anniversary Children in Need special.Former MST3K writers and performers Michael J. Nelson (host), Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo), and Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot) join an unprecedented five incarnations of the Doctor for a two-night engagement from Fathom Events.Someone is taking the Doctor’s past selves out of space and time, placing them in Gallifrey’s Death Zone—where they must fight Daleks, Cybermen, and other alien forces to defeat Time Lord President Borusa.The feature-length episode originally aired in November 1983, starring Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and companions Tegan and Turlough.Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee reprised their roles as the Second and Third Doctors, respectively, while Richard Hurndall took on the role of the First Doctor for the late William Hartnell. Since Tom Baker declined to appear, footage from the unfinished Shada serial was used to portray the Fourth Doctor.Boasting overtly 1980s graphics, cheeky performances, and classic costumes, “The Five Doctors” bursts with comedic commentary potential for Nelson, Murphy, and Corbett.The trio’s seemingly improvised narration style originated from their mid-to-late-’90s stint on MST3K, in which they would mock films aloud while watching them. After the show’s cancellation in 1999, they revived the tradition via RiffTrax—audio commentary intended to be played in unison with particular TV programs and films.RiffTrax also hosts semi-regular live events, filmed in front of an audience and simulcast to cinema screens around the country. The 2017 season begins this month, with Samurai Cop (April 13 and 18), and continues with the June showing of Summer Shorts Beach Party (June 15).On August 17 and 24, Whovians are invited to experience the hilarious stylings of RiffTrax and “The Five Doctors.” Tickets go on sale Thursday, April 13. Once you’ve secured your seats, tune into Netflix on the 14th for the revived Mystery Science Theater 3000, starring Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, Jonah Ray, and a slew of cheesy B movies. Peter Capaldi’s final season as the Twelfth Doctor begins on the 15th on BBC America. Stay on targetlast_img