first_imgThis has to be one of the funniest “thief captured using stolen laptop” stories I have ever read. Usually, if the person who has had their machine stolen gets lucky they manage to grab a screen capture of the thief using the laptop, or someone adept at tech tracks down the thief via usage and IP addresses. But in this case the thief’s undoing was an amateur music video.Mark Bao, an 18-year-old entrepreneur had his laptop stolen with little evidence as to who had taken it. But then the thief did something a bit silly: he decided to record himself dancing (badly) to a piece of music while recording himself using the laptop’s webcam.Bao must of had some hard drive sync setup as he managed to copy the video off the laptop. While most people would go to the police, Bao decided this video belonged on YouTube and proceeded to post it there. I think you’ll agree the video is rather embarrassing for the star.It was so embarrassing that the thief decided to return the laptop and leave Bao a long note apologizing for his actions. He is apparently “a respectful person” who wouldn’t normally steal. While returning the stolen goods and saying sorry does show some remorse, we don’t believe he did it because he genuinely feels guilty about what he did. At the end of the note he asks Bao to take down the video, but as you can see it’s still live on YouTube.Here’s is the note in full:As Bao didn’t think he would ever see his laptop again he went out and bought a new one. Now he has the old one back he’s decided to auction it off and give the funds to the Japan relief effort.Read more at Reddit, via Geekosystemlast_img