first_imgIf you thought Google Chrome was the fastest browser out there, well, it just got a whole lot faster again. Google realizes Chrome is known for its speed and users appreciate that, so its engineers have been hard at work trying to turn the Javascript engine up to 11 on the speed scale. The result is a new engine called Crankshaft.The performance is meant to be blindingly fast, with Google claiming performance on compute-intensive Javascript applications improves by a factor of two when using Crankshaft. For anyone taking advantage of HTML5 and Javascript to build web apps, that’s very good news.AdChoices广告When it comes to benchmarks, the teams working on IE, Firefox, and Opera might be a bit wide-eyed at these claims:The benchmarks that benefit the most from Crankshaft are Richards, DeltaBlue and Crypto. This shows that we have taken the performance of JavaScript property accesses, arithmetic operations, tight loops, and function calls to the next level. Overall, Crankshaft boosts V8’s performance by 50% on the V8 benchmark suite. This is the biggest performance improvement since we launched Chrome in 2008. For the typical user it means faster page loads, with Gmail given as an example of a web app that will run 12% faster on Crankshaft.If you want to try it then Google has made Crankshaft available in the Canary Build of Chrome for 32-bit Intel platforms. ARM and 64-bit ports are going to take a bit longer.Read more at The Chromium Bloglast_img