In a press statement issued after closed-door consultations, the Council’s current President, Ambassador Patricia Durrant of Jamaica, said that the 15-member body had “full and detailed discussions” centring on whether the sanctions were having the desired effect, as well as on prospects for modifications in the present regime, the possibility of additional measures, and ways of ensuring that the present embargo remained targeted.During their deliberations, Council members focused on the implementation of Council resolution 1343, which asks Liberia to end financial and military support to the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) of Sierra Leone, to expel rebel members from Liberia and to prohibit their activity on its territory. The resolution also reapplied an arms embargo against the country. As part of the discussions, the Council reviewed several reports, including the report of a committee monitoring the sanctions, the report of the Panel of Experts on Liberia (S/2001/1015), and reports by Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Liberia (dated 31 October, 11 October, 5 October, and 30 April).The Council members decided to request the committee monitoring the embargo to review recommendations made by the expert panel and to “submit a report on these recommendations to the Council for consideration as soon as possible.”