first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We talked about spraying Sunday but we did not because it got windy. We are starting this morning to get that going so we can plant beans at a decent time. The sunlight is giving the weeds a head start. There is some marestail getting started out there.It looks like there is some rain in the forecast but it doesn’t look like anything heavy. My attention is on the temperature. It looks like late this week there are temperatures in the 70s. We just haven’t been warm here.We have been lacking sunshine and heat. I think we are going to get that. If it gets fit here mid-week, I think we are going to go ahead and start planting if we don’t get that rain. I don’t see any toad strangler rains in the forecast yet. We are still a little what we call goobery. It is dry on top but underneath it is still like Play Dough.I think we’ll see a lot of burndown spray applications around here today but there won’t be planters rolling just yet. We prefer planting in May to begin with and if we get pushed into May by the weather that is probably a good thing. We have some heavier dirt here. Once the calendar says May 1, though, we hit it hard.Soil moisture is adequate. The tiles are still running a little. We don’t have anything near the droughty conditions in some parts of the country.In some black, worked ground, the soil temp three or four inches down is at 46 degrees this morning. This should be warming up the quickest and it is a little chilly yet. Cold and wet is not a good combination in our area. A little cold rain on top of that usually spells disaster.The tile plow is my tool that keeps me from doing something dumb with the planter. This time of year tile keeps me from looking at what the neighbors are doing.last_img