first_img“Observe cough etiquette to preventthe transmission of respiratory infections,” Duque added. ThePhilippines is deemed vulnerable to the spread of the mystery virus because ithas been receiving heavy Chinese labor traffic since an online gambling boom in2018. Thenumber of people infected with a new virus in China tripled over the weekend,with the outbreak spreading from Wuhan to other major cities, according to theBritish Broadcasting Co. (BBC). The three Chinese nationals werereferred to the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbukon Memorial Hospital (DRSTMH), said Dr.Glenn Alonsabe, DOH regional epidemiologist. It is important for people to maintaina healthy lifestyle, practice proper hygiene and keep the environment clean,said Juanico. “The 29 years old Chinese was advisedto stay overnight at the DRSTMH while the young girl was considered anoutpatient. The 65-year-old patient, on the other hand, is currently beingchecked at the hospital,” said Cuachon. DOH Region 6’s other task, saidJuanico, is to strengthen the public awareness campaign on this new illnesswith symptoms like high fever and shortness of breath. In some cases there’scough, runny nose, body pain, and headache. It may take time before the resultswould be known, said Cuachon. ILOILO City – Three BoracayIsland-bound Chinese visitors who entered the country through the KaliboInternational Airport were placed under quarantine in Kalibo, Aklan. Throat swab specimens were collectedfrom the three foreigners then these were sent to the Research Institute forTropical Medicine in Manila for analysis. The region’s other internationalairports are the Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo and Boracay Airport inCaticlan, Malay, Aklan. Scientists believe an animal source is“the most likely primary source” but that some human-to-human transmission hasoccurred, The Kalibo International Airportservices flights direct from China. The first to be quarantined, accordingto Dr. Cornelio Cuachon of the Aklan Provincial Health Office, was a 29-year-oldChinese national. This was on Jan. 17. The second was a three-year-old girl onJan. 18.The most recent, yesterday, was a 65-year-old Chinese. “They are already doing controlmeasures. They are on heightened alert checking our travellers,” she said. The Bureau of Quarantine has personnelin the airports and even seaports, said Dr. Mary Jane Juanico, head of DOHRegion 6’s infectious disease section. Signs of infection include respiratorysymptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Wuhanreported 136 new cases of the respiratory illness. The capital Beijing reportedtwo cases, while Shenzhen confirmed one. In a statement, DOH secretaryFrancisco Duque III urged travellers – especially those from China –experiencing flu-like symptoms to get screened immediately. He also stressed the importance offrequent hand-washing and the wearing of masks in crowded places, among others. Coronaviruses are a broad family ofviruses, but only six (the new one would make it seven) are known to infectpeople “The quarantine procedure is part ofour alert system to protect the public,” said Alonsabe. People are being advised to avoid“unprotected” contact with live animals, thoroughly cook meat and eggs, andavoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms. According to the World HealthOrganization, the 2019-nCoV, as it[s been labelled, is understood to be a newstrain of coronavirus that has not previously been identified in humans The airport’s thermal scanner detectedthem with fever, according to the Department of Health (DOH). Thesharp uptick in cases comes as millions of Chinese prepare to travel for theLunar New Year holidays, according to the BBC. Totalknown infections now exceed 200, and three people have died. The thermal scanning of arrivingpeople in airports is part of DOH’s measures to prevent the entry of a newcoronavirus that has made people sick in China’s Wuhan city in the centralHubei province since December. The illness has pneumonia-like symptoms. The infection inChina broke out between Dec. 12 and 29, 2019./PNlast_img